Our Story

Ruth Coté ~ Owner & Charcutier


I grew up in San Jose, California. Raised by a single mother. This influenced my life in many ways. Watching my mother juggle responsibilities, jobs, and her own education yet still provide strong support to her children, has single handedly taught me resilience.  

Mom graduated from the San Francisco Culinary Academy and began working as a chef in various upscale hotels in the Bay Area. She eventually began catering. I loved watching mom work. I watched her prepare foods and strategically plate them in designs that left your curious for more. The flavors of her food, dancing on tongues and the musical notes of the "oohs and ahhs" play in my mind. Mom was a force to be reckoned with. I was so proud to be in the background, watching her work. 

I eventually grew a knack for designing food and creating works of art. There is no doubt my love for this industry is a part of who I am. Every box, board, table is designed with the happiness of the client in mind and from the part of my heart that reminds me of mom and making her just as proud as she made me all those years ago. 

Aside from being the owner and Charcutier of Grazin Goodness, I am married and a proud mother of three. I am excited to say, I recently took on a new title, grandmother. I am also proud to tell you that I serve the community in another industry as well, Law Enforcement. I have had a very fulfilling and rewarding 23 year long career (and still going strong) as a Peace Officer. 

I believe in protecting and serving the community. It's ingrained in me. A part of my core that makes me who I am. With that said, I look forward to serving you and bringing you a level of excellence that will have you coming back for more.